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#springfever #orisitbabyfever

In Michigan, one thing that you can always count on in the portrait photography world is for business to slow down after the holidays. It is way too cold to be doing any of those fun outdoor shoots, that's for sure! I don't want to freeze my butt off, you don't want to freeze your butt off, I get it! It gets sad and lonely at the studio, but then as February is in sight - the phones start ringing!

* insert soft lullaby from the labor & delivery floor *

I do the math and realize that about 9 months ago we all had .... spring fever! Hibernation was over! We were all warming our butts up getting ready for outdoor life again! Some of those butts were, well... yea..

I can't wait for all the babies I will get to meet in the coming weeks! Until then, I will be hibernating, distancing, and staying cozy warm in my adult swaddle (I wish).

Take a peak between the scenes. Here we have some goldfish snack sessions as well as some impromptu First Born photo ops.

Now booking : warm, cozy, indoor at home sessions.

I'll bring the camera, you bring the babies... and goldfish snacks.


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