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Spring Sports via green screen

Spring sports are right around the corner! Celebrate your team and their sponsors by booking a team photoshoot with Pure Photography.

Why team photos?

This is a perfect way to celebrate your teammates and thank your sponsors. We offer 6 FOOT TEAM BANNERS that can be easily transported to games and hung on fences. Players can also purchase individual print packages, banners, buttons and other spirit items!

How is this done?

Each teammate is photographed individually on a green screen. After extracting the background post production, I then add each player to an individual and a group background showcasing your teams colors and logos! These are the templates I use for prints, banners, posters and other spirit items.

Want to book?

Great! The first step is to get in contact with me. Let me know how many teammates you have and if your team has any goals set for the year I should know about! I will send over the order forms for each player to bring the day of the shoot. There is not session fee for teams of 12 or more, packages and pricing below.


6ft Banner w/ Sponsors


19in Team Posters


Individual Player Images


Package Pricing

Banner Pricing

Spirit Items


I can't wait to photograph your team!

Pure Photography

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