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Samantha | Boudoir | Ann Arbor MI

Sam was so much fun to photograph! Her story behind booking this session is just awesome. Sam's boyfriend bought her an all paid for trip to - somewhere amazing I can't remember - and she wanted to surprise him with something equally as awesome!

I don't know Samantha well, but she overheard me talking about my Boudoir Event with some girls at work (her and many others - it's been on my mind). She asked me what I was talking about, and when I told her all about my plans she right away said she wanted to book! I was thrilled at her unexpected excitement and when she told me her reasons for the session, I knew it would be great! And is WAS!

I'm currently blogging about her session as she is traveling somewhere warm & romantic - and soon- she will share her images with him! Freakin' awesome!!

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Sexy Red Boudoir

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