Lifestyle Photoshoot | Sink Bath

In Michigan, you never know what you're going to get! I feel like people who drive motorcycles can really relate. Like, do you put your Harley away for the winter? It is going to be 65 & sunny or -2 next week? Same with the life of a (mostly) outdoor portrait photographer! It been a battle between watching Netflix and trying to plan for 2022 while my camera collects a thin layer of dust. Not enough dust to pack away, but enough to remind me over and over of warmer days and golden hour photoshoots....

So when a moment like this came up, I was so thankful to have my camera charged up and ready to go! I call this "impromptu sink bath after messy dinner" - also known as Lifestyle Photography! "Why don't I do more of this?"

This was a quick 15 minute shoot of my children just living their best sister life! And yes, a few cell shots probably would have been cute, but this moment was worth more than a cell shot! We just moved into a new home and this series will be framed in my kitchen! The perfect piece of art!



So I have an idea! Plan a fun indoor event with your family.

Cookie baking, game night, bubble bath, cake smash, silly string fight, baby reveal...

Then, call me! I'll show up and capture the moment.

I can't wait!



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