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Jess Stewart V | Hamburg, MI | Pure Photography by Laura

I had a wonderful winter newborn session in Hamburg, MI. with my lifelong friend, Danielle, her husband Jess, and their new baby JV. Sessions like this remind me of why I am a photographer and why I love what I do. I was fortune enough to be the photographer at Danielle and Jess' wedding a few years back, and now to be invited to photograph their perfect, handsome, and oh so sweet newborn, is truly a blessing. After fertility struggles - seeing one my good friends and her husband soak of every ounce of love, every moment of laughter, & every joy of parenting - along with embrasing the sleepless nights, spit ups, and loads of laundry is so very inspiring.

Danielle & Jess - I can't wait to see your family grow.


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Mom, Dad & Baby

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