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I met Chris & Jessica by chance one night when I was visiting my friends in Kalamazoo, MI. I was visiting for a Tap Takeover event hosted by Right Brain Brewery at a local bar my friends all worked at, and Chris & Jessica were there as well. I was introduced to Jessica and her smile was so welcoming we hit it off right away. We were chatting about craft beer at first then topic of careers came up and I told her I was a photographer. Chris and Jessica were dating at the time, but she mentioned how she would love to do a photoshoot with Chris and his son, since it had been a while since he had photos done. I told her I would love to, and the plan was to keep in touch.

A few short months later, I was told by friends that Chris and Jessica were getting married! I remembered that handsome couple I had met at the bar and felt pure excitement for them and their growing family. I was ecstatic when I was asked to photograph their wedding at The Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, MI. It was quite the drive from my Ann Arbor location (over 2 hours) but I knew that this location & couple would be worth the hike.

The wedding was simply beautiful. And I say simply not because it was simple by any means, but because Jess, Chris and their families who helped plan and organize the wedding made it look effortless! (Minus the part when it came time bustle Jessica's dress, now that was a 4 person effort right there and I learned a lot about the art of 'bustling'!)

The dance floor was romantic with strands and shapes of lights everywhere and the antique china was a collection of vintage salad & dinner plates that was such a unique touch. The night ended with romantic shots of the bride & groom outside on a glorious balcony that appears in every photographer's dreams. What a perfect fall wedding!

Chris & Jessica - best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for having Pure Photography photograph your wedding day, it was a treat.


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