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Clare | Boudoir | Ann Arbor, MI

Clare is a new friend of mine I have known just a short time...and I just love her. She is wonderfully honest and sensitive and will give you her last Mike-n-Ike in a heartbeat if you are having a bad day.

She came to her session early Saturday morning- after closing the bar the night before. She walked in and the first thing I said to her was "Is it too early for a drink?" She laughed - so did I - then we drank. :)

As Clare is pulling out her items for her shoot - pearls, shoes, underwear - she says "But my bra was dirty, so I didn't bring it." "PERFECT!" I say. laugh. out. loud.

The simplicity of this shoot was more than I could have asked for. The Calvin Klein basic thongs, paired with her pearls was a sexy delight - and the fact that Clare is single and was doing this shoot just because "you're only young once" reminds me of what these shoots are all about!

~ Feeling sexy, loving yourself, having fun, and acting young! ~

Thank you Clare - you are beautiful.


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