Carpentier | Family Portraits

Phew - what a wild photoshoot with the Carpentier Family!

These kids are so full of energy! After this shoot I felt like I had gotten in my workout for the day. Not only that - but my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I did! I had a blast photographing them all! The boys were busy busy - but they gave me some awesome smiles - in between body slams, tackles, and silly faces! I think they might of had fun. Emilee was so cozy in her baby wrap - content as could be. I could have taken photos of her all day! And Mom & Dad - Wow, you two are awesome! Seriously - wow! I think we can all agree that Justin & Jessica are a great looking couple who have some pretty awesome kids!

XoXo - Laura


See more of the Carpentier Session - here!


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