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Jess | Boudoir | Ann Arbor MI

I don't know Jess well - we've only met a few times in passing - but hey...she seems like an alright gal, right? SO RIGHT!

This lady sent me a text and said "be there soon" and I immedietly open my door (to head down to meet her) and I see her charging down the hall for her photoshoot- full speed. I could tell she totally meant business! She wasn't shy either. She was there for a Boudoir shoot - she knew the drill. :)

I had so much fun working with the natural light during this session. I love the blown out looks of the black and white images - but then Jess' strawberry blond hair would absolutely pop in color shots! I can't decide what shots I like best. Oh - and did I mention that I love lace?


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