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Baby Ryan | Birthing Session | Pure Photography by Laura

I met Courtney over 3 years ago when we started working together at Aubree's in Dexter, MI and was introduced to Adam shortly after she told me they were expecting. Courtney immedietly starting booking their sessions. First was their announcement session, then- their 6 month maternity session, after that I photographed their baby shower, and most recently- their birthing session. This last session was an absolute honor to be involved in (as was the rest - I'm truly blessed to say the least). There is nothing more real in the world than watching a women go through labor. Adam was so go-with-the-flow and the rest of their families offered great company throughout Courtney's whole labor.

Courtney & Adam called me to tell me that they were headed to the hospital on a Friday evening, but that they would update me throughout the night. After a long weekend- Baby Ryan made his appearance 55 hours later on January 23rd after 4am. It was early on a Monday morning and he came out strong, healthy, and sucking on his hand & fingers.

Adam and Courtney - you are such strong parents and thank you for this opportunity.


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Pure Photography

Ask Adam & Courtney about how to view their entire birthing session online!

Pure Photography


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