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Al & Heather Johnson

I was so excited when Heather reached out to me last year to photograph her "small park wedding". I had photographed her family in the past and was looking forward to getting them all behind my camera again! After a week or so of waiting to hear from her, she contacted me again to say that "theres just no way"! There was no way that they could have a small wedding. Combined, they had too many loved ones whom Al & Heather wanted to

share this special day with.

So they set the final date!


At this point, it was over a year away! It seemed to take forever for their wedding date to come (probably not by Heather's opinion!) but it was well worth the wait! So much love, smiles and laughter! It was such a joy to capture this beautiful family's wedding day!

Thank you for having us!


Andrew & Laura


View Al & Heather's Online Wedding Album - here!


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