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Jeff & Allison | Marquette, MI Wedding

Once Andrew was asked to be Jeff's best man, we knew that we were going to Marquette, MI for an August wedding. But what we didn't know, is that Jeff and Allie would ask Pure Photography to capture their special day. I was ecstatic and honored to be able to travel to Marquette and photograph this beautiful couple in the gorgeous Upper Peninsula.

It rained the first 30 hours we were in Marquette, including all during Allie & Jeff's rehearsal. The morning of their wedding- grey skies and sheets of rain pounded against my hotel. Spotted showers were expected the rest of the day...

By 10:30 as Andrew and I were having breakfast at "Jeffrey's" up on the hill- we could see the wind pushing clear skies straight into downtown Marquette and toward their venue!

The rest of the day was perfect, literally. The sun came out and dried the rain from the grass and trees (I think I hear a storybook song playing in my head at the moment...hehe) but this wedding was perfect, right out of a story book. Jeff and Allie were glowing the whole evening and really gave us all a reason to celebrate !


I know you are all dying to see more images from Jeff and Allie's wedding day!

Click here for a peek!


© Pure Photogrphy L.L.C

© Pure Photography

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