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I've been waiting to photograph this family, and I am so excited to share these images with you - let me tell you how it started...

I met Amy and her children last Halloween when I set up downtown to take photos of all the little trick - or - treaters. I invited the families over to my mini outdoor studio I had set up with pumpkins, gourds and a hay bail to sit on. All afternoon, one by one, I took pictures of each kid in their halloween costumes. Some choose to have their picture taken with a friend or sibling, but for the most part, it was each kid on their own for the photo.

I was thrown a curve ball when Amy and her children walked by my set up.

I mentioned to her that I was taking photos and her face just lit up! She said "Oh, yes! We would love a picture"! Amy then sat on my hay bail, grabbed up all three of her children and smiled for the camera. :) First shot - awesome picture! Amy was the only mom who sat on my hay bail that day, and ever since - I've been hoping she would contact me for a photoshoot.

I was greeted with the same amount of enthusiasm when I showed up to their home for their Family Photoshoot. It is such a joy to be invited to my clients home for portraits. I love capturing families in their natural environment and it makes the images so personal. I love thinking on my toes on ways to make their home my "studio" and The Smith's backyard was an amazing backdrop for their images.

Thanks for having me Amy & Nathan!


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Smith Family

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